Ripseq sequence-based analysis reduces the time needed to identify infectious pathogens, in pure- or poly-microbial samples, by up to 90% - and provides answers where other methods fail. Use any sequencing technology you want - Ripseq is platform agnostic.

Platform agnostic

Ripseq can analyze both NGS & Sanger direct-from-specimen sequencing files. Using our novel algorithms, the total time for one analysis is less than five minutes - no matter if the sample is a pure sample or a poly microbial one.

Curated databases

Our Ripseq DB databases has the most up to date references, but without the clutter. Databases are filtered and automatically curated to ensure an ID you can rely on.

Cloud SaaS solution

Ripseq is always online and always updated. All you need is an internet browser. We push our new algorithms as well as new database references up to the cloud every night for your benefit.

Ripseq NGS - It is FAST!

Using our novel algorithms Ripseq will process your targeted NGS sequence file locally, and reduce the information needed to upload by a factor of 1000:1, while still retaining resolution and specificity. This means no lengthy file upload, and no costly big data file storage.

After upload, the cloud based Ripseq will analyze the uploaded reads against any of our curated Ripseq DB databases - no matter the target.

All this in less than 5 minutes! Including reporting!

Pathogenomix Ripseq - 5 minute NGS analysis pipeline

Ripseq Sanger - Mono AND polymicrobial samples!

Our Ripseq Sanger products can handle it all. No matter if you have a pure sample, or you have a more complex sample (or InDel) resulting in a mixed chromatogram - Ripseq got your back.

Using our bulk analysis you can save a lot of time on your pure samples - with bulk upload, bulk analysis, automatic confidence status flags and automatic report generation. No need to sift through hundreds of references in GenBank.

Ripseq can also analyze samples you otherwise would have to discard or at best culture and separate, not knowing if you missed anything.

Pathogenomix Ripseq - Pure and mixed chromatograms - polymicrobial sample analysis from one run

Ripseq DB - The best microbial database there is.

Pathogenomix's curated pathogen database Ripseq DB, extends and improves the effectiveness of the public DNA sequence databases such as GenBank and others. While GenBank contains large numbers of current references, it also has many uninformative or even erroneous references that hinder accurate identification.

To ensure the best reference quality and accuracy, Ripseq DB enables users to curate a more medically-relevant reference database. Users can annotate, reject and approve references using personalized methods. This on top of the solid foundation of advanced automatic filters and cross referencing makes Ripseq DB the database of choice.

Curated databases are a prerequisite for rapid, accurate analysis of Next Generation Sequencing (NGS) as well as Sanger data. This will ensure that the user can be confident that the analysis results are complete and accurate.

Pathogenomix Ripseq - Our reference database is second to none!