The team


Pathogenomix CTO and founder: Oystein F. Saebo - Chief Technology Officer, Director & Founder

Oystein F. Saebo - Chief Technology Officer, Director & Founder

Oystein brings deep computer science expertise to Pathogenomix and is a key inventor in creating and developing Pathogenomix's Ripseq product portfolio. He developed the company's patented algorithms, large user base cloud solutions, and web-server deployment through server-side parallel processing, and is considered by many to be a leading authority in his line of work. Oystein is a co-founder of Pathogenomix. He has extensive international experience as a Principal Consultant and Systems Architect, and has over 30 years of algorithm design and development experience, working with Life Technologies / Thermo Fisher, Microsoft, Motorola, Grant Thornton and others.

Pathogenomix CMO and founder: Oyvind Kommedal, MD, PhD - Chief Medical Officer & Founder

Oyvind Kommedal, MD, PhD - Medical advisor

Oyvind is an internationally-recognized microbiologist whose unique insights about the intersection of medicine, technology, and business have guided Pathogenomix's vision and product development. Oyvind is a co-founder of Pathogenomix and one of the key inventors of the Ripseq. As a medical doctor specializing in infectious diseases Oyvind has gathered over 10 years of experience in routine diagnostics and research. He is currently leading a brain abscess study using Sanger and Next Generation Sequencing combined with Pathogenomix Ripseq software. He has authored or co-authored articles in more than 10 scientific publications (including Journal of Clinical Microbiology and the Journal of Medical Microbiology) utilizing Ripseq.

Pathogenomix COO: May Kristin Roen - Chief Operations Officer & Director

May Kristin Roen - COO and Co-founder

May brings her extensive experience in scaling early-stage companies to Pathogenomix's management. As a survivor of a bacterial infection that nearly killed her in 1999, her passion for Pathogenomix's mission is personal as well as professional.  May has an Executive MBA in Finance Management Control as well as a Bachelor of Engineering and Master of Science in Landscape Architecture. Specializing in finance, management, HR and business development. She relocated to the US in 2011 with Isentio (now Pathogenomix) and worked for 3 years as a finance consultant and ran finance operations for more than 43 global companies. The last years she has served as CFO/VP Finance for several BayArea tech companies. She also serves on several boards for both nonprofit and for-profit companies and organizations.

Pathogenomix MD Business Developer: Marianne Nome

Marianne Nome - MD, Business Developer

Marianne has a unique background with clinical work in emergency medicine and orthopedic surgery to research in cancer genetics, onco-immunology, genomics and bioinformatics with a focus on breast cancer and the effects of immune responses, inflammation and metabolic processes. She has written several publications as well as having hands on lab experience from working in a sequencing lab at Mount Sinai hospital in NY in relation to her research. Marianne also have extensive experience working with precision medicine in oncology at Rutgers University, served on the molecular tumor board at Cancer Institute of New Jersey and been a medical advisor and consultant to several med-tech and biotech companies.

Pathogenomix Chairman: Chris Risley

Chris Risley - Chairman

Chris is an early stage investor who has led 8 Venture Capital backed companies resulting in one IPO, five acquired by Public Companies, and two acquired by Private Companies. Acquirers included: IBM, F5, Tibco, and Symantec. In addition, he spent 10 years as an Operating Partner at Bessemer Venture Partners. Prior to joining the Software Industry he spent 2 years as Advisor to the Chairman of British Aerospace. He holds a BA Magna Cum Laude from Cornell University and did the PMD program at Harvard Graduate School of Business.

Pathogenomix Director: Ivan O'Sullivan

Ivan O'Sullivan - Director

Ivan is a software investor with a focus on SaaS services. He has more than 20 years of sales, marketing, and business development experience. Most recently Ivan was an executive at Defense.Net, acquired by F5 Networks; Digital Reef, acquired by Transperfect and Metalogix, acquired by Permira. Prior to Metalogix, he was SVP at StreamBase Systems (acquired by Tibco), Earlier in his career Ivan served as president of Elron Software (acquired by Zix Corp.) and North American president of Clearswift. He also held executive roles at Signiant (secure file sharing) and ON Technology Corp., (acquired by Symantec). Ivan holds a B.A. First Class Honors in business studies from London's Thames Polytechnic.


Pathogenomix Advisor: Tim Hunkapiller, Advisor, Industry Expertise

Tim Hunkapiller, Advisor, Industry Expertise

Dr. Hunkapiller received his Ph.D. from the California Institute of Technology in Molecular Biology, and most recently has held a Research Assistant Professor appointment in the Department of Molecular Biotechnology at the University of Washington. Dr. Hunkapiller's research focus has included molecular immunology, evolution, computational genetics, comparative genomics and he is an expert on the genetics, genomic organization and functional diversity of the immune system. He has also been involved in bioinformatics, algorithm and database development, and experimental process optimization, for 20 years. While at Caltech, Dr. Hunkapiller originated the model for the automated, fluorescent DNA sequencer. The manifestation of this idea in products such as the ABI 3700tm and the MD Megabasetm sequencers catalyzed and enabled the completion of the first drafts of the Human Genome. Dr. Hunkapiller has served as an advisor to a number of biotechnology companies as well as technology companies servicing the biotechnology and pharmaceutical industry.

Pathogenomix Advisor: Cathy Petti, MD, Advisor, Healthcare Industry and Innovation

Cathy Petti, MD, Advisor, Healthcare Industry and Innovation

Dr. Petti is a physician executive with expertise in leveraging advanced technologies to improve population, global, and individual health. She is Chief Health Officer at AncestryHealth, and founder/CEO of HealthSpring Global, Inc. - a boutique consulting firm for investors, biotech companies, and other health-minded stakeholders. Previously, she has held senior management positions as Global Head of Medical, Clinical and Scientific Affairs at Novartis Diagnostics, Chief Medical Officer at TriCore Reference Laboratories and Medical Director for ARUP Laboratories. With over 60 peer-reviewed publications, Dr. Petti is a leader in diagnostics, information health and global health, and sought-after speaker at international conferences. She holds an AB from Harvard University and MD from Duke University. Dr. Petti is dual board certified in infectious diseases and medical microbiology.

Pathogenomix Advisor: Camilla Huse Bondesson - Advisor, European markets

Camilla Huse Bondesson - Advisor, European markets

28 years of experience within Life Science through leading positions in sales, product management and marketing management. Former VP Marketing at Gyros AB, Marketing Director of Proteomics (AmershamPharmacia Biosciences, now GE Healtchare), International Product Manager at Biacore, General Manager at Behring Diagnostica AB and Product Manager at Althin Medical Norden AB. Partner of Conlega, since 2004. Exec. MBA from University of Stockholm, Sweden and Biomedical Scientist from Oslo School of Technology, Norway.